Friday, January 9, 2015

Life ... as it should be lived ... for happiness' sake

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strange to think that ...

* Tuesday, 31st of May, 2011

Strange to Think

- Katherine Foreman

Passing by the park of dreams
Equal poles and opposite
Met and danced to different tunes
Strange now to remember it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Nuggets to nibble ...

* Various Sources (Started a long time ago : compiled from May 30 2011 onwards)

* Tall people (study performed on more than 1 million women) 'more likely to develop cancer
   [- For every four inches (10cm) above five feet a person was, the researchers said they had a 16% increased cancer risk.]

* Geometry skills are innate.

* A third of the world's smokers live in China.

* Humans stare longer at people with bad reputations.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The forgotten fun in *power-cuts* !

*19th May, 2011

At precisely 9:47 PM today ... here in Grenoble while we chit-chatted and filled in the drab & dreary tax forms and while my friend Akash went about some equally burning business ... there was a power-cut !
Yes you read it right ! A POWER-CUT :)
I had longed for this moment from the time Soumen da had told me of his experience when the power of his building had failed a couple of years back.... I wanted to see and hear how the French people who rarely experience this omnipresent Indian phenomenon, behaved when this happened. And voila ! It was my chance today ... and I had my share of fun observations :D

It took me sometime to soak in the feeling of the power-cut. It was utter disbelief at first ... which turned to confusion ... then all possible explanations that might explain what just happened with my (on-a-ventilator-) laptop suddenly shutting down and beeps sounding all over .... I thought it might be the fuse in my apartment alone ... But one peek out of the window made things very clear.
It indeed was THE thing. In a matter of seconds people in the residential complex across my house were out in their balconies ... equally baffled ! It was a matter of discussion and with the generic love of *discussion* that the French are born with ... they discussed it with their neighbors ! Adjoining my building there are a row of old houses and in one of them there lives an old couple whom I get to see often doing li'l things in their balcony :) They were out too ... and granny was having quite an animated discussion with her neighbor in the floor beneath theirs! Another thing I noticed was even here people have inverters (some foresight I must say for an event that *might* randomly occur biennially !!! )
Anyway, with speculations as to how long this might take to be fixed (even the main door was blocked ... the code stopped working !) ... we waited till my phone beeped (on its charger) and the power came back to life ... in 10 minutes flat ! What a pity ... that is not even time enough to find the *denner* for a chain-chain game that we played during power-cuts back at the National Library in total darkness during the summer vacations after dinner!!!

Pity pity ... the loss of the simple pleasures of life when opportunity comes knocking through the power plugs !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Its never too late ...

Among all loves .. Mother's love is supreme.
Nothing could be more true.

We need no special day to say this ... but any day the words are true ... the person who knows us from from the first moment of us being alive...
The unconditional love that she bestows upon us ... always has the time to listen to us .... never complaining from the time we spoke gibberish to when we say things that we think nobody knows anything about...
They are God's most beautiful creation ... unfailing at every step of our lives

Happy Mother's Day to all mother's of this world for making it a beautiful place for your children ... Maa to you :) <3 <3 <3 love you always.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bliss of anonymity ... in Nature's Lap

* 6th May, 2011
The Solar System Park (Arborium it is called but I prefer the Jardin du Système Solaire :))
What a Bliss is anonymity ... in Nature's Lap

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Slinging Slangs

* September 2010.
(This is about slangs ... so in case you find such things "disturbing" ... DON'T read further !!!)